Urge Congress to Support a Timetable for Military Withdrawal from Afghanistan

May 5, 2010 | HR 5015, United Against Afghanistan Escalation

No to More Money for War, Yes to Feingold-McGovern bill for Withdrawal Timetable

In the next few weeks, Congress is expected to be asked to spend $33 billion more of our tax dollars for killing in Afghanistan. Now is the time to urge Congress to change course. Urge your Representative and Senators to oppose more money for killing and to support Senator Russ Feingold and Representatives Jim McGovern and Walter Jones in their push for President Obama to establish a timetable for military withdrawal from Afghanistan.

House Actions

Urge your Representative to oppose the $33 billion war supplemental for Afghanistan and to co-sponsor the McGovern-Jones bill, H.R. 5015 requiring the President to establish a timetable for the redeployment of U.S. forces from Afghanistan.

Senate Actions

Urge your Senators to oppose the $33 billion war supplemental for Afghanistan and to co-sponsor the Feingold bill, S. 3197 requiring the President to establish a timetable for the redeployment of U.S. forces from Afghanistan.

Call your representatives in Congresscall the switchboard toll-free at 1-888-543-5234 (thanks FCNL!) and be transferred to the Rep or Senator’s officetry to get a staff person who handles Afghanistan on the phone, and:

for Members of the House:

  1. If their office has not co-sponsored the McGovern-Jones bill (current 64 co-sponsors are shown in the spreadsheet below), ask them to co-sponsor it.
  2. Ask them to oppose the $33 billion war supplemental for Afghanistan.

for Senators:

  1. Urge them to co-sponsor the Feingold bill. (so far, the Feingold bill has no co-sponsors.)
  2. Ask them to oppose the $33 billion war supplemental for Afghanistan.

Then we want you to report your results on this website — what did the office say? – using the comments section for this blog. If the Congressional office directs you to a website or press clips that documents the Member’s position, or you come across such links, please post the URLs in your reportbacks.

Thank you for participating! Please spread the word by spreading this URL: http://noescalation.org!

We’ll update this spreadsheet as we get your feedback on where Members of Congress stand (and as new co-sponsors are added in Thomas); please post reports from conversations with offices, as well as information from the press and web sites, in the comments.

Comments (471)


  1. cyndi roe says:

    Please stop the nation building & wasting both our blood & treasure. We will never win this “WAR”……..lets just get out & lick “your wounds”. You can’t change the past, but you can better predict the future by knowing that America does not want or care to be the worlds protector. STOP THE MADNESS ……………NOW!

  2. Linda Ferland says:

    It is unbelievable to me, that we have to bombard our reps office and e-mails, with our pleas for them to, DO THE RIGHT THING, and AT LEAST, demand a timetable for withdrawal from an unwinnable, senseless war!!!

  3. Ruth McKay says:

    I called the offices of Senators McCulsky and Cardin of MD on May 11.

  4. Virginia Garcia-Bunuel says:

    This war must end. It is getting us nowhere. There is no viable leadership in Afganistan.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Billions wasted wasting a people and its country while here in the US, education, healthcare, and the entire infrastructure is under threat. Bring our troops home NOW!. Bring the war dollars home NOW!!!

  6. [...] withdrawal of U.S. forces is growing, particularly among Democrats. Already, 82 members of Congress have co-sponsored Rep. Jim McGovern’s (D-MA) bill requiring a timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. forces, [...]

  7. Jeanne Koster/James Koster says:

    Our separate calls yielded the same result. Rep. Herseth-Sandlin (D-SD) does not support HR 5051. She is supportive of the president’s policy of success-based withdrawal.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Whoever answered the phone said he would pass my message on to Ron Kind about getting a timetable for the war in Afghanistan.

  9. fran levin says:

    Left messages for Boucher, Webb, Warner to oppose war and funding as specified in your email and to bring all troops home.

  10. I spoke with a young lady in Jared Polis’s office. She was pleasant and easy to talk to. I told her I wanted to congratulate him on his support of the McGovern and financial withholding bills for these two terrible wars and to try to persuade moderates to join the cause.

  11. Val Liveoak says:

    Called Rep. Charles Gonzales’ office, left message (no further spending, support 5015).

  12. Rosalie Paul says:

    Chellie Pingree is a co-sponsor of HR 5015
    Her aide expects she will vote against the supplemental.

  13. Talked with staff person Josh. All very cordial and constructive. Josh took my name, address and ZIP and said he would pass along my phone message encouraging Rep. Kildee (D, Mich) to cosponsor HR 5015.

  14. Elaine Hughes says:

    Rep. Allyson Schwartz of PA has not signed on as a co-sponsor to H.R. 5015 and I doubt that she will. Her office will forward my comments. Between this and her vote to approve the Peru Free Trade Agreement, we have another corporatist on our hands, it would appear.

  15. Den Mark Wichar says:

    I called Senators Murray & Cantwell, leaving message on machine for Murray, & talking with aide to Cantwell. [I used toll-free line from The Episcopal Church.] I was told by that aide that it’s early in the bill’s life, & i responded that it is not too early for a senator to help a bill of this importance by co-sponsoring it!

  16. We phoned and learned that our Cong. Danny Davis (IL)
    is already a co-sponsor. We thanked his aide.

  17. Donna Bubb says:

    Our dear Bush-loving rep, Cathy McMorris-Rogers is
    very busy climbing the Republican party ladder so
    is a strong supporter of Obama’s continued funding
    for the Afghan war. She wouldn’t be caught dead
    signing any bill even hinting of ending the war.

  18. M-L Reifschneider says:

    I called both the offices of NC. Sen. Burr and congressman Brad Miller and their aides took my address and said they would pass my message on to their bosses.

  19. Catherine Price says:

    I called Tester, Baucus, and Rehberg, and they said they would pass the messages to them.

  20. Ron McGill says:

    Called Congressman Schiff-

    They didn’t know if he was a HR 5015 Co-sponsor, but I checked the Thomas.gov site and he’s NOT listed.


    I let her know that I want him to sign on.


  21. sarah burns says:

    Berman’s office will study it

  22. Abigail Beutler says:

    Paul Hodes phone answerer said he would pass the message on. to both co-sponshorship and not voting for money

  23. Patty Gorton says:

    I contacted Senator Harkin (Senator Grassley is impossible) and the legislative assistant on Afghanistan was in a meeting, but she will get back to me about Sen. Harkin’s position on S. 3197
    Nor could I speak with Rep. Loebsack’s Congressional aide on Afghanistan, but they took my message and promised to give it to the Representative.


    spoke to william pascrell’s staff member.requested he support hr 5015.staff member said,she would pass it on.


    spoke to sen lautenberg’s staff member.she said , she would pass it on.


    left a voice mail message for sen.menendez or staff member.

  27. Called Rep. DeFazio’s office. They will get back to me, but think he is a co-sponsor of HR5015 already.

    I reminded his intern that war is a poor mechanism for setting policy.

  28. Roberta Medford says:

    I had my usual frustrating conversation with a staffer at Schiff’s (CA29) office. The Afghanistan policy person is named Tim Bergereen. I have never gotten to speak with him. All of the others I have spoken with apparently know nothing about their boss’s stands, or how he will be voting, or even might be leaning, on any issues.

    I also ask every time how Schiff reconciles his supposed “blue dog” aversion to budget deficits with squandering billions on a war that our general assure us cannot be won. No opinions or reactions from staff on that either.

  29. Nick Collins says:

    Called Scottsdale office of Harry Mitchell

  30. Anonymous says:

    Called the offices of Eliot Engel, Chuck Schumer and Kristen Gillibrand.

  31. Jean Downey says:

    I telephoned Congressman Grayson on May 12, and thanked him for co-sponsoring H.R. 5015.

    Thank you for this effort representing millions of Americans.

  32. MHearn says:

    Called Stephen Lynch. Left message on ans machine
    Called Scott Brown. Left message w person who answers phone.
    Called John Kerry. Left message w/person who answers phoen

  33. Deborah Duenas says:

    Called Lynn Woolsey’s Washington DC office and left message w/ her aide. The aid didn’t know if Ms. Woolsey had co-sponsored HR 5015. I urged her to co-sign if she hadn’t already, and thanked her if she did.

  34. Mary Donovan says:

    I support the McGovern – Jones bill H.R. 5015 and the Feingold bill H.R. 5015.
    It is time to remove our soldiers and let the Aghans work towards the peace settlement they want. The military can do only so much. Negotians and talks have to be the way to end this conflict. It has gone on too long for both countries.
    Mary Donovan

  35. Don says:

    Called the offices of Senator Carl Levin, Senator Debbie Stabenow, and Representative John Dingell. Left voice mail at both Senator’s offices. A staff member at Rep. Dingell’s office took my message.

  36. Peter Loeb says:

    1.Mike Capuano: calls,emails. Capuano is a co-sponsor
    (CD: 8th MA)
    2.Called Sen. Scott Brown. Very chaotic.Left message.
    3.Called Sen. John Kerry. No answer. Based on his
    previous visits to Afghanistan, statements postition as
    Chair of International Relations Committee, I seriously
    doubt there will be a significant change in Kerry’s
    views. Will continue if only to leave a message from

  37. Donna Schall says:

    I called Steve LaTourette, Representative. Asked him to cosponsor HR 5015 and to oppose the $33 billion.
    I called Senator Sherrod Brown to ask him to cosponsor S 3197 if he hasn’t already.
    I called Senator George Voinovich to ask him to cosponsor S 3197 and get the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. They had me leave a message. Didn’t answer their phone. I told them I’m not at all happy with that. They should be answering their phones.

  38. Anna says:

    Spoke to staffer of Rep. Berman (CA) yesterday. Will relay message to Rep.

  39. Peter Schanck says:

    Rep. Lujan (D.NM) is a co-sponsor — in fact one of the original 13 co-sponsors. I thanked him profusely for his position and urged him to vote against the 33 billion for the escalation. His aide said he hadn’t decided yet.

    I urged Senators Udall and Bingaman to co-sponsor the bill. I suspect that there is no chance Bingaman will do that but some possibility for Udall. I also urged them to vote against the appropriation of 33 billion, but have little hope for that

  40. Ellen Douglas says:

    Rep. Patrick Murphy’s office said Murphy supports the war in Afghanistan, to catch those who were behind 9/11, and to make America more secure. I pointed out that the war in Afghanistan and the bombing of Pakistan were making us less safe. The person I spoke to said he would give Murphy my message.

  41. [...] of U.S. forces is growing, particularly among Democrats. Already, 82 members of Congress have co-sponsored Rep. Jim McGovern’s (D-MA) bill requiring a timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. forces, [...]

  42. Lee Baker says:

    Rep. Brad Miller’s office has the not-so-clever ploy of having his aides say over the telephone that they cannot speak for the representative. So, I could not get a solid answer from Rep. Miller’s office. I complained about the policy and asked Rep. Miller to vote against the 33 Billion supplement for Afghanistan as well as to cosponsor HR 5015..
    In the past, Rep. Miller has voted for any Democratic Party stand on the war and on National Security. He bills himself as a progressive on social issues, but he is a hawk on the war and the National Security State.

  43. Barry Cheney says:

    Patrick McHenry: “will pass along”- He supports all war.

    Kay Hagan: “Will pass along comments”

    Richard Burr- “He supports President Obama’s plan”.

  44. [...] in Washington, DC last time I checked. But you don’t see Sestak the insurgent moving to block the President blowing a trillion of your dollars. Why? He’s an outsider, that’s why! Because killing [...]

  45. erin yarrobino says:

    i talked to people who work in the offices and they told me me senators support s. 3197, and my represenative supports h.r. 5015.

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  49. Club Penguin says:

    I’ve heard of this before, but is it worth the price?

  50. Andy Hinson says:

    War is an absurd duel between life and death which the young are taught to fight for the defense of their country and the future of their generation and beyond. In the Diary of Dang Thuy Tram the youthful Thuy made her entry on October 26 1968 to express her deep regret after failing to save a wounded comrade in the North Vietnamese Army. She said: ” Don’t ever demand too much in any matter. Is there anything without limits?, Thuy? So think again, evaluate everything objectively, put yourself in each situation to see it all.”

  51. [...] Ninety-eight Members of the House – almost a quarter – have now signed on to legislation demanding that President Obama establish a timetable for military withdrawal from Afghanistan. Shall the House not debate establishing a timetable for military withdrawal before voting on more money for pointless killing? [...]

  52. [...] in Washington, DC last time I checked. But you don’t see Sestak the insurgent moving to block the President blowing a trillion of your dollars. Why? He’s an outsider, that’s why! Because killing [...]

  53. liz sanderson says:

    left message with SD Stephanie Herseth Sandlin’s aide.
    No $$ for war and sponsor exit plan.
    same old same old, blue dog dem

  54. fritzi cohen says:

    I talked with Brian Baird’s office. I am not a fan of Baird but
    was thrilled that he voted against sanctions on Iran. I talked to whomever answered the phone first about urging him to vote against the 33 billion and for the McGovern Obey bill.
    He said he’d pass the info on. However, what followed left me dumbfounded. I told him how pleased I was about his bosses vote re Iran, and since there was silence, I said he did vote against sanctions didn’t he? The response, I don’t know, I haven’t checked his votes. I guess now that Baird is leaving,
    the staff has already left.

  55. charles reilly says:

    Congressman Bilbray will be advised of my opposition to the supplemental appropriation and support of the McGovern deadline. Given his commitment to the military industrial complex, I doubt he will heed my request nor get my vote again. creilly

  56. anonymous says:

    Called Rep. Greg Walden office. He is a Republican who has never once voted for anything my family has wanted so it is always a discouraging call. I keep hoping someone can challenge him and unseat him, but he is an entrenched incumbent.

  57. I support ENDING ALL WARS!!! I vote NO for War money.

  58. SMITH says:


  59. Esther B. Wolf says:

    I was very pleased to learn that my congressman Jim McDermott is a co sponsor calling for a timetable for military withdrawal from Afghanistan.

  60. Mary Vafi says:

    I called the DC office of Congressman Russ Carnahan of MO, told them of my positions and they told me that they could not give me any details regarding the Congressman’s position or how he would vote.

  61. Pastor Tim Redfern says:

    This past Monday morning, I phoned the office of my Congressman, Ike Skelton IV (Democrat In Name Only), and spoke with a young man. I explained my opposition to the war, which has been there since Day One, and also told him that my wife & I are both on Social Security disability and Medicare, and that we will be highly displeased if both are cut to pay for this damnable “war” (invasion/occupation). I also said that if Skelton votes “yes” for the $33 billion, I will work as hard as I can to un-elect him in November. I was given a non-committal “I’ll tell the Congressman that you called and what you said.” He did not want to get into it.
    This invasion/occupation, which has lasted for 10 years, killed over 1,000 young American boys and girls, countless numbers of innocent Afghani men, women, children, babies and elderly, and cost We The People hundreds of billions of dollars we don’t have and can’t afford, has run our international reputation into the ground, and it must end NOW!
    It is far beyond time that the budget of the Orwellian-named “Department of Defense” be slashed, and the money put into caring for the segments of American society which have been too long ignored; the sick, dying, disabled, hungry, homeless, healthcare-less, and anyone else who has been kicked to the curb by the moneyed-elite. If ever there was a time for the United States to become a Democratic Socialist society, now is indeed the time!

  62. As an ordained minister AND a Vietnam era Vet of the USMC, I PERSONALLY have been directly responsible for talking no less than fifty young men and women OUT of enlisting in the military since I LEARNED THE HARD WAY:

    to fight and die or even risk death for this ungrateful nation is a terrible waste of your potential.

    “I will keep on keeping on”—”as long as the USA does the same”.

  63. Nancy Tally says:

    Called Congressman Moores (Kansas) office told the staffer, this war has gone on way to long and it is destroying our country, just like the poor people of Afghanistan. No more $$$ for war,, and bring our troops home,, we must have a timetable out of Afghanistan. Dennis Moore is also a Blue Dog,,, but, we will see? They will send me a e-mail reply on what the Congressman will do??

  64. I called Congressman Heinrich’s D.C. office yesterday and spoke to a staffer. Asked her if she knew how the congressman intended to vote on the $33bn war supplemental. She said he hadn’t mentioned it to her. I expressed some dismay considering that the vote was going to be the very next day. After ranting on about how fed up I am with all this war crap, I told her to be sure to let Heinrich know that I will not vote for any candidate who votes to further fund war.

  65. [...] Representatives have already signed their names to this policy, by co-sponsoring McGovern’s bill, H.R. [...]

  66. Carol DW says:

    The Pentagon doesn’t need any more money. They are funded six months in advance. They have an orderly withdrawal plan for field of battle according to Col. Ann Wright.
    Unless Congress acts, this will drag out until we are broke and kicked out.

  67. gohardkrush says:

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  68. Don says:

    On July 1 I called Representative John Dingell’s office, asked to speak to a staffer who was responsible for foreign policy, and got someone’s voice mail. I left a message asking to vote No on the $33 billion spending and to vote Yes on the McGovern-Obey amendment.

  69. Club Penguin says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  70. Trey Estler says:

    my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there

  71. Alan says:

    I have a friend who is a musician and he’s written the most sublime “protest” song about Afghanistan, called Time Will Tell. He’s releasing a youtube video on September 11th. There is a preview video here
    THe video really helps people to stop and think about the issues, and has a real emotional impact. I cried when he first showed it to me.

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  73. [...] Ninety-eight Members of the House – almost a quarter – have now signed on to legislation demanding that President Obama establish a timetable for military withdrawal from Afghanistan. Shall the House not debate establishing a timetable for military withdrawal before voting on more money for pointless killing? [...]

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  75. Called Jose Serrano’s office and left a message, thanking him for co-sponsoring the bills to get our troops out!

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